Walters Media delivers the dream scenario to any kind of customer

 We offer a versed, reliable and excited team to partner with our sales reps to train and serve yearbook advisers at all experience levels. That’s right! We’ll help you handle the servicing, the teaching, the problem-solving and the headaches. That way, you can keep on selling.

With Walters, you and your staffs work direct-to-source. We own the presses, we created the curriculum and we proudly claim Pictavo!

Walters opened its doors almost a century ago as a family-owned business in Waseca, Minnesota. More than a half-century later, we introduced a full-service yearbook program to independent photographers to cement school administrators’ loyalty to photographers by delivering affordable, high-quality keepsakes to accompany student portraits.

In 2007, Walters became a Taylor Corporation subsidiary and moved its operations to the world-class printing complex in North Mankato, Minnesota. America’s second-largest printer, as ranked by PIWorld Magazine, our presses produce more than 25 million books a year. We’re also listed among the country’s top-five graphic communications companies. We feel fortunate to be part of a multi-billion dollar organization committed to making investments which allow us to offer unmatched products and service.


We like to brag on our HTML-5 yearbook creation platform, Pictavo, and we believe, with good reason.

We’ve made it even faster and more intuitive, with multiple environments and user journeys to tailor the experience for any level of user. The interface continues to become more and more elegant, and new features help us keep ahead of any other platform, with help at your fingertips. 

Speaking of help, Pictavo’s help platform was redesigned and overhauled in March, 2023. Our certified journalism educator (CJE) former advisers are always updating and expanding the site to meet ever-changing classroom needs. 

Our yearbook experts possess decades of in-school sales and classroom experience.

That means we know how to guide you through any yearbook roadblock. We love to help newbies and seasoned advisers through the yearbook process, and all reps and independent photographers in-between.

We know what’s worked and what hasn’t. With our demonstrated results, we will help you increase your revenue. We’re here to support you in whatever way we can to ease the burden of creating yearbooks. Because, it’s no burden to us.

We offer the country’s only all-digital, use-as-you-want, 180-day yearbook curriculum.

Advisers and reps told us they needed materials relevant, comprehensive, flexible enough to use as they go and help their staffs create yearbooks people want to buy. We delivered 400-plus pages of curated yearbook instruction and business support that’s pedagogically sound and for all levels.   

Backed by Walters, you can confidently offer training materials that’ll wow. You don’t need to become yearbook experts. You’ve got us.