Pictavo’s designers created multiple environments
and user journeys to tailor the experience for any level of user. The interface continues to become more and more streamlined, and new features help us keep up — and surpass — anything high-end users need. Yes, we’re talking about a better grid and faster responsiveness.

Reflecting our commitment to our books for younger audiences, we also weigh each addition and change with how we can make Pictavo easier to use and navigate. It’s a perfect example of the industry standard-bearer serving myriad user types at once.


We’ve developed incomparable solutions to help create the book of your dreams

Pictavo users not only enjoy best-in-class type and an unparalleled grid-based, modular, formatting process, but also built-in timesavers for spread creation like pick-and-choose templates and modules.

In Pictavo’s art menus, discover the largest collection of new-every-year predesigned books from any company. Drag-and-drop page templates and art elements onto pages, drag your images (directly from your desktop) to photo boxes and add copy when you want. In a few minutes, you’ll have another finished spread.

Online sales, ad design and photo-sharing capability are seamlessly integrated into book management

No yearbook creator can be all places at all times. That’s why our photo sharing platform YBKpix is such a lifesaver. It’s a safe and easy site for parents, students and other community contributors to upload photos for consideration in your book. 

Pictavo also functions as accounting software. Advisers or business managers can build online stores to sell books and ads with tiered, or escalating, pricing. You nor your bookkeeper will have to deal with keeping up with checks, receipts and deposits if you follow the trend of online-only purchases. Pictavo’s built-in features give you control of recordkeeping and reporting all from one, primary database.

Find endless training and step-by-step help articles to guide any level of user

Advisers and reps told us they needed materials relevant, comprehensive, flexible enough to use as they go and help their staffs create yearbooks people want to buy. We delivered 400-plus pages of curated yearbook instruction and business support that’s pedagogically sound and for all levels.   

Backed by Walters, you can confidently offer training materials that’ll wow. You don’t need to become yearbook experts. You’ve got us.